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How to manage short-term desires with long-term goals

By Deepak Chopra

Make your dreams a reality with 5 practical suggestions from a prolific prophet, Deepak Chopra.

Gratitude Makes You Happy

By Immaculée Ilibagiza

One woman who survived a genocide shares how happiness is hiding in our saddest moments.

Twelve Steps To Fulfillment

By Paulo Coelho

Coelho shares Alan Cohen's twelve steps to rediscover your 'blessing'

Don't Believe Everything You Think

By Marci Schimoff

One simple tip to amplify your happiness.

Unfreezing The Heart

By Selene Ludovici

How a class screening transformed a group of student leaders in Boston.

The Heart of Leadership

By Paul Moda

Are we living during a time when more heart-centered leaders are needed?

My Own Path

By Baptist de Pape

Filmmaker, Baptist de Pape, shares how he received the inspiration to make The Power of the Heart.

How I Cured My Anxiety


One woman who overcame her 'genetic condition' shares her strategies.

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